Vandaag has garnered a lot of buzz since it opened last fall, with a two-star review from the Times and springy cocktails that keep popping up in conversation. Inspired by a gorgeous cocktail slideshow on Grub Street this morning, which features a Vandaag gin-rhubarb concoction, we checked back in on kathryn’s excellent post, which has turned into a lovely guide to how to order at the place. Drinks seem even more popular than the food, and since bar director Katie Stipe has Clover Club credentials, it maybe shouldn’t be a surprise.

Genever, an ancient style of gin, has a prominent presence on this list alongside absinthe. kathryn loved the Skookul Punch: “applejack, rum, lime & orgeat with absinthe & bitters topped with peach lambic.” michelleats is a fan of the Gumtree Toddy, “a mix of pear infused aquavit, blended Scotch, mead, benedictine, Peychaud’s bitters & eucalyptus. Sounds a little busy and maybe off-putting because eucalyptus and pear don’t often go well, together—but it was really a lovely thing to drink, especially given that I had a sore throat. It was attractively presented with a twig of eucalyptus immersed in the drink.” cubicles recommends the West of Second, the Radler, and the Turf War, saying “all were excellent.” small h weighs in on the beer cocktails, sampling the Popeye, a mix of Fresno chile pepper, aquavit, spicy tomato, pilsner, and fennel pollen with a salt rim—he called it a “riff on the michelada (one of my favorite drinks).”

If Chowhounds are to be believed, the food might be slightly on the decline, but those cocktails sound darn stellar! Have you been to Vandaag? Do weigh in on what’s good—or if there’s a failproof menu item.

Vandaag [East Village]
103 Second Avenue, Manhattan

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