Fish are a hot topic on the board lately, with several questions about the best place to buy or eat local varieties. While many people agree that San Francisco has surprisingly limited choices for a city by a (some might say the) bay, a few choices come in with the tide.

If you have a taste for local fish, this thread points to mackerel, sand dabs, squid, salmon, and sardines as good bets (but read the labels—even local fishing companies sell nonlocal fish). Fishermen sell off the docks at Half Moon Bay’s Pillar Point Harbor, where pilinut recently bought an 8.5-pound salmon for $12 per pound.

On the other end of the fish spectrum, hounds like the “refined” Farallon when asked for suggestions on fish served in a civilized atmosphere.

A fish subspecialty: To find the best cioppino, San Francisco’s famed fish stew developed by Portuguese and Italian settlers, hounds recommend Rose Pistola and Sotto Mare, both in the North Beach neighborhood.

Farallon [Union Square]
450 Post Street, San Francisco

Rose Pistola [North Beach]
532 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco

Sotto Mare [North Beach]
552 Green Street, San Francisco

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