At the new Fourth Street location of Berkeley’s Chocolatier Blue Patisserie, the selection is expanding from pastries and chocolate to ice cream.

So far, it sounds like the fresh-tasting sorbets win out. Concord grape is soft and smooth, “with all that is good about fresh Concord grapes and none of the bad cloying qualities that happen in all things Welch’s,” says rworange.

But all of the frozen goodies suffer from being not quite cold enough—that grape sorbet can become grape juice pretty quickly, says PegS. The chocolate ice cream is disappointingly weak, and the caramel ice cream too sweet, says MollyGee.

For a chocolate fix, it’s better to try the 70 percent dark chocolate crémeux, which is a bit fuller and smoother than a mousse, and has a touch of salt. It sits on a bed of soft, buttery streusel crumbs. “Decadent without being overly sweet,” pronounces abstractpoet.

Chocolatier Blue Patisserie [East Bay]
1809 Fourth Street, Berkeley
No phone available

Chocolatier Blue Patisserie [East Bay]
1964 University Avenue, Berkeley

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