What are the best parts, respectively, of goose, duck, and chicken? K K recently got an expert opinion from a Cantonese barbecue butcher. “For goose, it is the thigh/leg,” says K K. “For duck, he recommends the breast. For chicken, it is said that the most flavorful piece is a small section of the back, where there is very little meat, but a ton of flavor,” by which he means the chicken “oyster.”

“Thighs all around, for me, no matter what the bird, though that chicken ‘oyster’ is a lovely morsel; one thing I love about cooking a turkey is how the oyster can be the size of a small chicken thigh!” says Will Owen. “Duck and goose breasts are almost as good; if you poach a chicken breast just until it’s a very faintly blushing white, then it can be quite good too, but needs some dressing up.”

ipsedixit likes the liver best from a duck, the neck from a goose (“i.e., Collo di Locio Ripieno,” says ipsedixit), and the feet from a chicken.

And LorenM‘s preferences are as follows: “1. Crispy skin 2. Crispy skin 3. Crispy skin.”

Discuss: What do you think are the best parts (tasting and texture) of a goose, a duck, and a chicken?

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