What do you eat when it’s one in the morning and your stomach is growling? “Bowl of cereal. If there’s no milk, then a waffle with peanut butter and strawberry jam,” says jmcarthur8.

“I usually don’t get up in the night to eat, but if I do, sometimes it will be something relatively light like some Triscuits with a slice of Tillamook cheddar that I quarter and put on them,” says Phurstluv. “That will generally cure the hungries for me. But every once in a while, I am obsessing or craving something that is calling me in the fridge, like a liverwurst sammie on toast with cheddar and mayo. Or salami & cheese on toast with mustard and mayo. Sense a trend here?”

beevod prefers a “jar of Vita herring with two Aquavits—works every time.” “And, beevod, your morning breath is probably actually visible after a snacky like this! I like it!” adds mamachef.

Discuss: It’s 1am and your stomach is growling……

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