The Taiwanese rice roll is an affair of sticky rice wrapped around a fried cruller, fluffy pork, and other savory tidbits. The best Taiwanese rice rolls in all of Southern California are at Si Hai Restaurant, says ipsedixit. They’re “probably the best Taiwanese rice rolls this side of the Pacific.”

“The rice is soft and pliable, never rock hard at the outer edges. And, never crusty,” says ipsedixit. “The filling is savory and the crullers are placed just right so that you never take a bite and end [up] lassoing out the entire length of the cruller—leaving the rest of your rice roll eating experience without nary the whiff of greasy fried dough.”

Si Hai doesn’t skimp on the fillings, either: Its rolls are literally double the size of the ones you get at other San Gabriel breakfast joints. The owner himself cooks on the weekends, says TonyC.

Si Hai Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
708 E. Las Tunas Drive #A, San Gabriel

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