After a long search for a casual seafood shack like you might find on the Jersey Shore or Cape Cod, wasabica happily announces that she’s finally found one. It’s Blue Plate Oysterette, child of nearby Blue Plate.

Blue Plate Oysterette offers amazing oysters, four varieties of clams on the half shell, grilled oysters, and authentic steamers, says wasabica. Also on the menu: a beautifully buttered, succulent lobster roll. At $22, it’s a little pricey compared to the seafood shacks of old, but in line with Los Angeles pricing. It’s tasty, though the addition of lemon zest is a little startling, says New Trial.

Oysterette has very good clam chowder, too, says New Trial, with a nice shot of clam liquor in the broth.

Blue Plate Oysterette [Westside–Beaches]
1355 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

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