Andrew’s Cheese Shop occasionally does really exciting family-style grilled cheese and beer tasting nights. Check the website for the next scheduled event, or do what pleasurepalate did and book the place yourself for your own private melted cheese wonderland.

Andrew Steiner, owner and ringmaster, will pour out beers before each grilled cheese course. Sometimes, one beer is paired with two sandwiches. Over the course of one evening, pleasurepalate had pairings like Redemption Red from Reaper Ale with Emmentaler and Krummenswiler on hazelnut bread; and Chouffe Doubbelen IPA Tripel from Belgium paired with Munster Gerome on a baguette.

It’s a nice casual way to spend an evening, says pleasurepalate, and Andrew is very useful—“happy to answer any cheese, beer or just general food and wine related questions all night and he definitely is a fountain of information,” says pleasurepalate.

The regular grilled cheese and beer nights are $40 a head.

Andrew’s Cheese Shop [Westside–Beaches]
728 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica

Board Link: REVIEW w/ pics: Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Beer Pairings at Andrew’s Cheese Shop

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