What’s a Chowhound-worthy use for a ton of fresh limes and lemons? Klunco recommends making homemade preserved lemons.

“One of my old cookbooks had a recipe for a ‘Shaker Lemon Pie’ that I never made, but it looked really good,” says jmcarthur8. “It had paper thin lemon slices layered to fill the pie crust, including peel and rind, and lots of sugar. I found several links online. Most have a top crust, but the one I remember had a nice pattern of concentric circles of lemons, no top crust.”

artychokeasana recommends making lemon curd. “It’s delicious on toast, scones, as a filling for pavlova…and it makes great gifts too. If you are in a fish-eating mood, lemon beurre blanc is a great sauce for almost any fish.” And karenfinan recommends lemon-lime chutney.

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