pgreen, not usually a fan of Italian breads, picked up a loaf at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe in Staten Island. It was “a revelation,” she marvels, “chewy and flavorful, comparable to the best French breads I have eaten (including in Paris).” Wonderful by itself, it was also “everything I would have wanted” when used to make a sandwich, she adds.

Because a Chowhound does not live on bread alone, pgreen also grabbed a couple of Danish pastries. These, too, were excellent: “The cheese actually tasted like cheese and the blueberry of blueberry. Not too sweet, but right where they should have been.”

How about a cookie? Cake Chef and its sister shop Cookie Jar bake the “absolute BEST” in town, Tay promises. She’s partial to the chocolate rugalach and chocolate-nut cookies with a fudge-like dollop of chocolate on top, as well as the delicious apple cheese horns.

For cakes and cupcakes, Tay adds, Mother Mousse is outstanding.

In Brooklyn, One Girl Cookies and Betty Bakery offer cookie lovers a clear contrast in styles. The former makes
stylish sweets in unusual flavors (e.g. orange-coconut, chocolate-cinnamon-hazelnut). The latter does classic butter cookies. Both are quite good, says BklnChicken.

And for something very different, check out the cumin-scented salted butter cookies at Narala Bakery in Brooklyn’s Little Pakistan: “sublime,” sighs guide boy.

Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe [Staten Island]
1899 Victory Boulevard (near Westcott Boulevard), Staten Island

Cake Chef [Staten Island]
957 Jewett Avenue (near Coale Avenue), Staten Island

Cookie Jar [Staten Island]
1226 Forest Avenue (between Jewett Avenue and Llewellyn Place), Staten Island

Mother Mousse [Staten Island]
3767 Victory Boulevard (between Travis and Meredith avenues), Staten Island

One Girl Cookies [Cobble Hill]
68 Dean Street (near Smith Street), Brooklyn

Betty Bakery [Boerum Hill]
448 Atlantic Avenue (between Nevins and Bond streets), Brooklyn

Narala Bakery [Kensington]
744 Coney Island Avenue (near Cortelyou Road), Brooklyn

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BEST Cookies

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