“Have you ever grilled fruit?” asks arp29. “Peaches and pineapples are great grill options. I like to stuff the peaches with sweetened ricotta and almonds and I usually serve the pineapple with ice cream and various other additions.” You can take the grilled peaches savory as well, as in CHOW’s Grilled Chicken Sausages with Peach-Sage Skewers.

monavano likes grilling pit fruits in season, and also romaine lettuce. “Grilling the romaine & sliced Romas, then chopping it all up and making a Greek salad with it is delicious,” adds Phurstluv.

LNG212 recommends asparagus, spring onions, and haloumi, a Mediterranean cheese that’s often pan-fried. Haloumi also shows up in CHOW’s Grilled Greek Salad, along with olives and red onions.

goodhealthgourmet loves to grill tomatillos for salsa, and recommends grilling avocado. “Try avocado … cut in half, remove the pit, brush the cut side with a *teeny* bit of oil, and grill, cut side down, for a few minutes. Stuff as desired, and enjoy!”

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