Roland’s Bakery has the best bagels in the city, say hounds who’ve been there. Hand-rolled, long-proofed, and boiled in water before baking, these babies have a nice crust with good chew.

“I am quite sure that these are as close to the ‘real deal’ as I’ve found this side of the Hudson,” declares Alan C. But does that mean they’re authentically New Yorkian? The bagels’ slightly flattened shape and hint of sweetness are more of the Montreal school, a few hounds say. The price, however, is pure San Francisco: $1.50 for a plain, unadorned, uncut bagel (some even say they were charged $1.75).

There are bialys too, and an Asiago cheese roll (or maybe bialy) that rworange says has replaced the Cheese Board’s cheese rolls in her affections.

Aside from bagels, there are nice morning buns, Cynsa says, and very good breakfast dishes like a California omelet and thickly sliced corned beef with potatoes, spinach, and perfectly cooked eggs. The almond croissant is wonderful, adds Martha Copeland, with “great croissant texture, and just perfect almond filling.”

Roland’s Bakery & Cafe [Haight]
422 Haight Street, San Francisco

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