“I know that real fresh-ground wasabi root is the best, but good luck finding it in American markets,” laments BobB. One option is to mail-order it from a state where it grows. “Oregon has more than hazelnuts, Pinot Noir, and hippies,” says duck833. “We also have ideal conditions in a few places for growing wasabi.” Pacific Farms is one of the more established growers; liu vouches for the quality of its wasabi paste.

cgfan sources wasabi through a local sushi bar. “Though they use the actual root several times a year, most of the time they use a 100% pre-grated wasabi product sold only to food service establishments,” says cgfan. “Far better than any ‘off-the-shelf’ product sold in the Japanese stores. I just buy a bag of it through them and keep it in the freezer, thawing out a little at a time as I use it.”

For most uses, though, fake wasabi (mustard and horseradish powder dyed green) is perfectly acceptable. fmed likes S&B’s “faux-sabi.” It’s one of the most common brands, and is “ubiquitous in Japan.”

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