Chosenone28 evidently doesn’t have enough excitement in his life, because he’s in search of things like “huge pizzas, burgers, etc. etc. Man v. Food-esque stuff.”

Try the Eagles Deli, urges hotoynoodle, where you can attempt a “challenge burger” made with 5 pounds of beef, 20 slices each of both bacon and cheese, and 5 pounds of fries. Oy!

Chosenone28 could also choose to chow down at Spike’s, where eating seven dogs apparently gets your Polaroid on the wall, or La Famiglia Giorgio, where each entrée comes with an obscene amount of pasta (posters quibbled over whether it was one pound or two). Eating an entire order “might get you on a mailing list from one of those electric scooter/wheelchair companies, at least,” muses MC Slim JB

Or if you prefer heat over volume, Monty recommends the “pasta from hell” at East Coast Grill. It’s served only during the restaurant’s chile-themed Hell Nights (the next ones are October 5–7), and Monty says it’s “the hottest thing I ever tasted.”

Eagles Deli [Brighton]
1918 Beacon Street, Boston

Spike’s Junkyard Dogs [Brighton]
1076 Boylston Street

La Famiglia Giorgio [North End]
112 Salem Street, Boston

East Coast Grill [Cambridge]
1271 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

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