Most enthusiastic eaters have a few places that are their little secrets, places where the food’s deliciousness seems to deserve more buzz and patronage than it gets. tryanything’s hidden gem is Malden’s Pasta Market Cafe, a place where it’s tough to work your way through the menu because, “After you try something, you want to order it again and again.”

tryanything’s favorites are standard dishes with an anything-but-standard level of perfection. The first is a gnocchi appetizer. The gnocchi are stuffed with goat cheese and bell peppers, then deep-fried before being sautéed with garlic and tomatoes. And it all costs just $6.95. The eggplant Parmigiana, $10.95, “seems like a routine choice. At this place they take the time to make it like your grandmother did. They go through the trouble of getting most of the water out of the eggplant before they cook it. the result is a dense, richly flavored eggplant.” And the “most basic of meals, fettuccine with meat sauce, has so much flavor and so much meat that it makes you want to take it to another table so you won’t have to share it.”

All the pasta at Pasta Market Cafe is homemade, and the restaurant makes pasta for many upscale hotels and restaurants in Boston. Watch the special boards for wonderful new dishes, says tryanything.

Pasta Market Cafe [Malden]
237 Ferry Street, Malden

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