The search for true Taiwanese shaved ice is a passion for some, and Shau May and Kang Kang are proper Taiwanese shaved ice bars with the best toppings, says Das Ubergeek.

Class 302 in the San Gabriel Valley also serves awesome stuff, says ipsedixit. It serves its shaved ice in snow form, with unusually high-quality ingredients. “Sort of like ordering a burger made with Kobe beef or sirloin,” says ipsedixit.

Or hit Pa Pa Walk if you really like mangoes, you like really sweet desserts, and you have a lot of friends. The mango shaved ice is huge, sweet, and pretty darn good, says ipsedixit.

Apo Apo is the high-class version—sort of like the Martha Stewart of shaved ice, says ipsedixit. There’s house-made grass jelly and soy pudding imported from Taiwan. “But the real treat here is is the caramel shaved ice which reminds me of sucking on frozen Sugar Daddy pops as a little tyke,” says ipsedixit.

Shau May [San Gabriel Valley]
104 N. Garfield Avenue, Monterey Park

Kang Kang [San Gabriel Valley]
27 E. Valley Boulevard, Alhambra

Class 302 [San Gabriel Valley]
1015 S. Nogales Street, #125, Rowland Heights

Pa Pa Walk [San Gabriel Valley]
227 W. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

Apo Apo [San Gabriel Valley]
808 N. Nogales Street, Walnut

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