The Stuffed Sandwich is a beer treasure trove fronting as a sandwich shop, says bulavinaka. The place is casual almost to a fault; it’s all about the beer appreciation. There are about 700 bottled beers—craft, European, rarities, and stuff that’s been aged for years, even decades. And there are beer themes every month that rule the taps.

Bringing your own glass is encouraged, since only basic waxed paper cups are on offer. “From seeing so many guests with their own cups, The Stuffed Sandwich obviously has a very loyal customer base,” says bulavinaka. “The pulls are expert and very generous—first-timers like me are told to take a long sip before attempting to lift the cup or glass from the bar, as they fill your glass 110 percent.”

The food is good basic sandwich shop fare, with generous portions. “Great beer selection, almost inedible food,” summarizes A5 KOBE. “If you’re a beer-head, The Stuffed Sandwich is beer heaven and Sam and Marlene are the gatekeepers to the pearly gates,” says bulavinaka.

The Stuffed Sandwich [San Gabriel Valley]
1145 E. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel

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