It’s here at last—a school that any dairy-obsessed geek will be lining up to enroll in. The brand-spanking-new Cheese School of San Francisco is now open and accepting applications for the fall term, says essential Bay Area foodie newsletter Tablehopper.

From the website: “The curriculum is designed to satisfy food lovers of all types, from the merely curious, to the serious cheese enthusiast, to the food service professional. Individuals and groups come to the Cheese School to learn how to select, how to taste, how to serve, how to care for, and how to talk about cheese.”

Are you tempted yet? Dreaming of newly sharpened pencils, fresh notebooks, and a lovely wheel of Brie de Meaux?

Classes begin with the Basic Cheese Primer (first in the Cheese 101 series), an introduction to the fundamentals of cheese making, classifications, and regions. This is followed by Cheese Selection, Service and Storage; and the Art of the Cheese Tray. There are classes that focus on regional cheeses (France and Italy), Holiday Cheeses, Farmstead Cheesemaking, and American Artisan Cheeses. There’s even the Cheese for Kids class, for mini-cheeseheads.

Each class promises samplings of 8–10 cheeses, wine or other drink pairings, and various accompaniments. The Cheese School is an offshoot of the popular Russian Hill shop Cheese Plus, located across the street from the new school. Each class lasts two hours, and most cost $60; a less formal drop-in night is $25.

Don’t bother bringing an apple for the teacher here; a piece of raw-milk Epoisses, however, should get you some extra credit points at least.

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