Chuck + brisket + short rib = somewhat greasy deliciousness, hounds say after trying the Mission Street burger being served at Duc Loi Supermarket. The folks from Mission Street Food are using Chef Heston Blumenthal’s innovative technique to make a burger, which is then seared in beef fat and topped with Monterey Jack, a mess of caramelized onions, and caper aioli.

“The burger was GOOD,” declares mariacarmen. “Very flavorful, nice texture, salty but not too, juicy, but yes, greasy.” It’s paired with a griddled Acme bun that soaks up all the juices.

It costs $8, and comes with fries for an extra $2.

There’s also a vegan burger that involves Japanese mushrooms, soybeans, favas, chickpeas, and even a faux mayo made with miso and seaweed. But it sounds like so far this place is luring only carnivores.

Mission Burger
inside Duc Loi Supermarket [Mission District]
2200 Mission Street, San Francisco

Mission Street Food [Mission District]
2234 Mission Street, San Francisco
No phone available

Board Link: Granulated Burger (Blumenthal style) at Duc Loi Supermarket

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