The recently opened Souls Restaurant in East Oakland takes soul food and souls seriously, as it’s owned and operated by a local church. The food is good and some gospel music is grooving in the background. What more could you want? Well, alcohol, but that’s not gonna happen.

Fried chicken is hot and tasty. Even the breast is perfectly juicy, with a nice crisp crust, says jillyju. Mac ’n’ cheese has an extra layer of cheddary goodness on top, while the smoky greens are nice and tender, with bits of pork throughout. The yams, tinged with cinnamon, aren’t overly sweet, and you can really taste their natural flavor.

jillyju’s friends rave about the oxtail (a Friday special) and the fried catfish. Red beans and rice are fine, but not impressive.

The building is new, with a parking lot and security. The waitstaff are nice and friendly, and the restaurant itself is large. Apparently it gets crowded on Sundays (after church, natch), when there’s a buffet.

Souls Restaurant [East Bay]
6403 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland

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