Despite its name, the menu at Sichuan Fusion, a new place in Pacific East Mall, ranges all over northern China, and does it really well, says K K.

A surprising hit is the stir-fried loofah squash with dried shrimp (kai yang si gua), K K says. “The flavors were amazing … savory with a sweet aftertaste, juicy.”

Combination fried rice is really well done, with lots of extras: beef slices, carrots, peas, scrambled egg, shrimp, and chicken. There’s also a very nice hot pot of shredded sour cabbage with pork belly, and tons of bean threads.

Although there are good choices for folks who aren’t fans of typically spicy Sichuan fare, the chef is pretty heavy-handed with the white pepper.

Other specialties on the website (translated from Chinese by K K) are boiled fish, fragrant spicy crab, twice-cooked pork, taro chicken, spicy fish, chile “field chicken” (frog), deer meat, and the mysteriously named “old godmother” (pork kidneys).

There’s also a separate menu of “mien chir,” says K K, which are flour-based goodies like fried crullers.

Sichuan Fusion [East Bay]
3288 Pierce Street, #B-109, Richmond

Board Link: Sichuan Fusion - the latest incarnation of the back end of Pacific East Mall, Richmond CA

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