In a very clever use of Chowhound, restaurateur sylviebee has reached out to Windsor Terrace residents asking if they would be frequent diners at “a casual wine bar/restaurant” opening in the southeast quadrant—”not far from where Brooklyn Commune just opened.” sylviebee and partners are pondering a place with a family-friendly atmosphere and a Mediterranean-influenced menu, with a raw bar “and a French twist (there’s a Frenchie among us),” but they worry that the low foot traffic on that stretch could doom a restaurant.

The Chowhound response has been overwhelming. “Yes!” adamandeve writes, “have you seen the waits at Brooklyn Commune at brunch? PLEASE!!” He assures the prospective local business owner that he would cross the little bridge over Ocean Parkway to get to her. jinx is excited about the concept, especially since the Double Windsor—a local bar-slash-restaurant—has turned out to “be more strictly a bar,” and is too loud for her liking. hawkeyecory chimes in that his “hood is a culinary dead zone” and he is “getting annoyed having to leave the hood for a date with the wife.” Claire hopes for “a good burger and wine” as well as Wi-Fi; sylviebee assures her a good burger will be on the menu.

This is turning into a build-your-own-restaurant adventure! If you’re a WT resident or frequent visitor, it might behoove you to weigh in.

Discuss: a new restaurant in Windsor Terrace?

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