Finals season is here, and for citykid426, one of the scariest finals of all lurks around the corner—the bar exam!

This legal hound seeks a solid café at which “to sit around,” one that has “a CHILL vibe … and that the owner won’t kick you out after 20 minutes.” Such a thing can be tough to come by in the city, but at least this focused student doesn’t require Wi-Fi. NB: This particular hound is anti-Starbucks.

kathryn, always great with recommendations, chimes in with Joe the Art of Coffee, Ost, Aroma Espresso Bar (although she thinks it has “terrible music”), and Vandaag, which she calls “surprisingly laptop friendly during the day.” We’re fans of Saturdays Surf NYC for the hilarious surfer-model watching, the back garden, and the La Colombe coffee. Where else, hounds? Serve up your favorite Manhattan cafés, won’t you?

Joe the Art of Coffee [Greenwich Village]
141 Waverly Place, Manhattan

Ost Cafe [East Village]
441 E. 12th Street, Manhattan

Aroma Espresso Bar [SoHo]
145 Greene Street, Manhattan

Vandaag [East Village]
103 Second Avenue, Manhattan

Saturdays Surf NYC [SoHo]
31 Crosby Street, Manhattan

Discuss: Best cafe spots in NYC to study, drink good coffee, eat, and HANG OUT

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