There’s nothing quite like superfresh summer corn, but corn you freeze yourself when it’s at its peak runs a close second. “Will it be as good as fresh? No. Will it taste great in the middle of winter? YES,” says dct.

Some hounds blanch corn before freezing it. dct blanches, cuts it off the cobs, spreads it on a baking sheet, freezes, and then packs the frozen kernels in freezer bags. kizil freezes blanched corn still on the cob by shocking the ears in ice water to cool them quickly, wrapping each one in plastic wrap, and then packing them together in freezer bags.

Niki in Dayton simply cuts the corn kernels off the cob and freezes them raw. “Tastes great, and seems to be just a bit crisper than blanched,” she says. Allice98 says she knows people who “don’t blanch, don’t take off the cob, don’t even take off the husk. They just put the corn right in a bag and freeze that way for on-the-cob corn.”

If you do decide to cut the corn off the cob, greygarious shares her method: Stick the pointy end of the ear onto the center tube of an angel food or Bundt cake pan, then slice down, and the kernels will all be caught in the pan. Holding your knife at a 45-degree angle to the counter, start cutting at the point end of your knife, sliding it toward the handle as you cut downward. This way you don’t need to apply much force, and the knife just glides through.

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