May and June see a new flood of optimistic, college-educated blood wash out into the world every year. And we think those graduates deserve a little something to help them on their journey into the machine. Here are some gift ideas, organized by major. Some are serious. Some are not.


coffee makerKeep the future mogul motivated with caffeine and the silvery gleam (cha-ching!) of this coffee maker, part of a new line from Krups.
Krups Silver Art 10-Cup Coffee Maker, $169

Phoenix TrayHope the economy rises like the phoenix on this tray, which is perfect for delivering large glasses of Scotch to clients on.
Mother of Pearl Phoenix Tray, $200


cup saucerTo start the day off with some writing and a cup of tea.
Design House Stockholm Poem Cup Saucer by Katarina Häll, $50

poetry platesGive these plates to your grad while he or she can still quote the poets. Twenty years from now these guys’ll just be unfamiliar faces.
Poetry Dessert Plates, $185 for a set of four


spice setDiscover the world outside of a standard spice rack with this set of less conventional spices from Le Sanctuaire.
Explore Gift Set, $62

molecular kitEverything they’ll need to spherify things that aren’t round and make noodles of things that aren’t noodle-shaped.
Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit, $79.99


bike wine rackBiking and wine—they’re both good for you. But not at the same time, or you’ll end up on the wrong side of the ER.
Leather Bicycle Wine Rack, about $32

bbqGood for a little balcony barbecuing, this stainless steel grill is hidden in a terra cotta pot where you can grow some fresh herbs to throw onto heart-healthy grilled vegetables.
Hot-Pot BBQ, $124

Visual and Performing Arts

photoshop magnetsYour budding designer will be looking at Photoshop all day. Make sure he or she looks at it all night, too.
Photoshop Magnet Set, $25 for 13 magnets

ink dishTattoo artist Paul Timman’s latest design for the avant-garde dishware company Ink Dish is based on his iconic sleeve tats, which are a lot better than the cheap ink your art-student kid is sporting.
Ink Dish Tattoo Lotus Service for One, $70


DecanterTeachers deserve a glass of wine after dinner. Or two, which is how much this decanter holds. Comes with one glass. Perfect.
Giarimi Monks Belt Half Decanter, $80

Lunch potThis lunch container won’t leak thanks to the watertight seals. Plus, the spork is a lot heavier-duty than what newbie teachers will find in the cafeteria.
Lunch Pot, $22


mug warmerThis gadget will keep neophyte engineers’ coffee hot while they work.
Desktop Mug / Coffee Cup Warmer, $25

ipad standYour little techie needs something to keep the iPad propped up in the kitchen, for recipe browsing or coding while cooking.
Joule Chroma iPad Stand, $149.99


It’s the sad truth, ain’t it?
Wasted and Broke Ramen Noodle Soup, $2.99

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