Matt Bites: At long last, someone has realized that things on a stick always taste better, and wrote a cookbook about it. —Christine

Chocolate & Zucchini: For those avoiding nuts and dairy, a homemade oat milk recipe. —Christine

Tasting Table: Put up your claws for the Lobster Roll Rumble. —Lisa

Laughing Squid: These banana sculptures are creepy—and genius. —Lisa

Running with Tweezers: Finally an edible use for that random bag of lima beans in the freezer (see photo above). —Amy

Chubby Hubby: Who needs an entire pop-up restaurant? All you need is a portable pop-up kitchen. —Amy

Devour: Slow-mo bouncing gelatin equals food Zen. —Amy

Michael Ruhlman: Ruhlman shows why sharp knives are safer than dull ones. —Omer

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