Mike’s Banh Mi makes a “substantial sandwich” with “super fresh” ingredients, says Zatan. Apparently, Mike’s family has been making Vietnamese sandwiches in Boston for 20 years. “Their last place was in Quincy,” says Zatan, “but before that they had the stand in the C-Mart right across from Pho Hua (I have no idea of that street name).”

Each sandwich is $2.75, says Matt H, and the pork pâté is a highlight: “The bread was fresh, cold cuts tasty, and the toppings were also fresh, even though it could have been a bit more spicy.”

tysonmcneely found the bread “a little too airy on the inside and a little too crusty (crumbly) on the outside,” and says the sandwiches are “a little light on the cilantro,” but nevertheless agrees Mike’s is worth checking out if you are a fan of banh mi.

Mike’s Banh Mi [Chinatown]

42 Beach Street, Boston

Board Link: Mike’s Banh Mi- Chinatown

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