Feijoada is the national stew of Brazil, an intense concoction of black beans and many different bits of beef and pork. It ends up like a hunk of blackness: black beans and meats slow-cooked in dark liquid. It looks, say streetgourmetla and exilekiss, a little ominous and underwhelming to some. But at its best, feijoada is incredible: “a beautiful, hearty stew of slow-cooked goodness,” say the two, with everything from sun-dried beef to pork ribs to pig’s feet to linguiça.

streetgourmetla and exilekiss went on a grand multimonth feijoada tour of Los Angeles. They found three winners.

Some of the best feijoada in town is at Zabumba, a nightclub. The new chef is from Bahia. The feijoada is outstanding: distinctive, rustic, with a “velvety, lightly viscous mouthfeel, with the beans and the stew really capturing the beautiful flavors of all the different cuts. It’s so rich, deep and earthy,” say the two. Call ahead to confirm that it isn’t sold out.

The second-best feijoada in town is at Rio Brasil Café. It’s made with four cuts of meat, resulting in a thick, rich, utterly savory stew. The pork ribs are mouth-wateringly succulent—so tender and fresh, say streetgourmetla and exilekiss. The feijoada is only served on Fridays and Saturdays, and you may want to call ahead here also to confirm that it isn’t sold out—which happens often.

The very best feijoada was homemade for them by a friend, so you can’t have any. Content yourself with second and third place.

Zabumba [Westside–Inland]
10717 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles

Rio Brasil Café [Westside–Inland]
3300 Overland Avenue, Suite 103, Los Angeles

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