When chefj posted an appeal for a new favorite Ethiopian restaurant, fed up with the noise and crowds at old fave Café Colucci, hounds were quick to jump in with recommendations.

Some still put up with the scene at Colucci, because food has “the most sophisticated spicing,” according to Ruth Lafler. But a couple of hounds say that Enssaro is even better. “Run by a mother-daughter team, the spicing is waaay better than the other lackluster options and even kicks Colucci out of the water,” says cheerful. “I always loved Colucci, but this place stole my heart,” adds ctm404.

Original poster chefj ultimately found that Addis pretty much fits the bill. Injera, the spongy pancake-like bread, is very fresh and tangy, made with plenty of teff. Kitfo, the Ethiopian spiced steak tartare, has a “very herbal flavor front with the cardamom and chili rounding it out.” Portions are kinda small on the vegetable combo, but the greens (gomen wat) have a nice hit of acidity and the lentils (mesir wat) are richly spiced.

While most of the area’s Ethiopian restaurants are in East Bay, don’t forget the south, says katya, who combed the East Bay for a favorite Ethiopian restaurant before finding Zeni in San Jose, which she calls “my grail.”

Café Colucci [East Bay]
6427 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

Enssaro [East Bay]
366 Grand Avenue, Oakland

Addis [East Bay]
6100 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant [South Bay]
1320 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose

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