Kashi Autumn Wheat is “the only cereal I know that can truly be described as beautiful,” says Jim Leff. The “benevolent genius” who concocted this cereal, “which the ignorant describe as a Shredded Wheat clone,” must be a completely different person from the “stern, ascetic, pucker-mouthed wraith who designs their rabbit-food-like items,” says Jim Leff. The basic Autumn Wheat also comes in two flavored varieties: Cinnamon Harvest and Island Vanilla. “Both pleasant for a box or so, but too specific for a long-term breakfast relationship,” says Jim Leff.

More goodness in a box: Joe’s O’s, the Trader Joe’s Cheerios knock-off, is actually better than Cheerios, says Jim Leff. “Do NOT get their organic O’s, though. Horrible,” he says.

A hard-to-find cereal gem is Jordans Country Crisp with real strawberries. “Just as Britain’s malt balls puts ours to shame, they do freeze-dried strawberry cereals so much better,” says Jim Leff. “You can find it in Canada.”

ipsedixit rates Post Grape-Nuts highly. “Served cold, the more you chew it the more flavor it imparts,” says ipsedixit. “Not the strong flavor of say a granola type cereal (sweet and nutty) or a Honey Bunches of Oats (sugary), but something very elemental and ethereal—as if you are tasting the goodness of the earth.”

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