Hatch green chiles, a mild New Mexico pepper that turns gorgeously smoky when grilled, are in season and in town. Look for them at Whole Foods; they’ve been spotted in stores all over town for about $1.99 a pound. The River Street Whole Foods Market sold a 25-pound box to mbaca at a discount, a mere $33 for the box; the store at Fresh Pond also has the chiles but refused to make a similar deal.

Hounds plan to roast and can or freeze them and use them in soups, salsas, stews, and relishes. pcdarnell has the technique down pat: Grill until charred, cool, then freeze unpeeled in one-pound portions in sealed freezer bags.

Whole Foods Market [Cambridge]
340 River Street, Cambridge

Whole Foods Market [Cambridge]
200 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge

Board Link: Hatch Green Chiles at Whole Foods- yum!

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