Many’s the restaurant dinner in which the lone vegetarian at the table has to make a meal out of sides. But there’s no need for that at the many Boston area restaurants that are all-vegetarian or veggie-friendly.

Harvard Square is something of a vegetarian hotspot, with Veggie Planet right on the square, and nearby places where both vegetarians and carnivores can share a meal: Ethiopian/Eritrean place Asmara, and Henrietta’s Table, where peelmeagrape says there are always wonderful salads and main plates using a lot of “fresh, varied (and local) produce, especially at lunch time.”

Porter Square is another good neighborhood to try, with vegan dishes available at French/Cambodian Elephant Walk and Boca Grande Taqueria in the area, as well as Lebanese Café Barada, which bear says “always has a veggie special from their rotating menu,” as well as fine falafel, and foul mudammas (beans with lemon, garlic, and olive oil). “Really nice people, too.”

Or weigh in on Nourish, the healthy/vegetarian-friendly place in Lexington that’s so new it doesn’t even have a website yet, but has already polarized hounds. “The service has absolutely no charm or pleasantry, and the food is well … it’s disgusting. And spoiled,” rants dzaz, while grandfam, who was in town for a week sampling Restaurant Week offerings, thought Nourish was “the best food we ate all week.” Try the black bean burger, the falafel salad plate, the “nicely minty” iced tea, and the carrot cake.

Veggie Planet [Cambridge]
47 Palmer Street, Cambridge

Asmara [Cambridge]
739 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Henrietta’s Table [Cambridge]
1 Bennett Street, Cambridge

Elephant Walk [Cambridge]
2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Boca Grande Taqueria [Cambridge]
1728 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Café Barada [Cambridge]
2269 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Nourish [Lexington]
1727 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington

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