Though the burrito has crept eastward into Boston, many other Mexican foods are sadly ignored. That’s why Zatan was so happy to see a basket of homemade chicken tamales next to the cash register at La Favorita market. “These were the most delicious tamales I have ever eaten, no question. We (five of us) devoured them in a matter of seconds it seemed and I cannot wait to get back there for more,” says Zatan.

They’re only available on Sundays and may be an endangered species: PAUL talked to someone at the store who said they may not carry them much longer. You can still get them if you pre-order by calling Bonnie at 617-254-0177. If they’re not there, console yourself with La Favorita’s nice fresh Cinco de Mayo tortillas, Mexican Coke, crema, and canned chipotles. Or try the pork and olive tamales at Machu Picchu Charcoal Chicken & Grill in Union Square. opinionatedchef likes them so much he keeps some in the freezer, defrosting and steaming at will. They’re $6 each, which is expensive, but they’re also “huge and [have] lots of meat.” And “the masa has the most flavor of any I’ve ever had. It’s red/orange and so I think all that flavor is the pork stock/drippings. Tony Bourdain would love these.”

La Favorita [Allston]
66 Harvard Avenue, Allston

Machu Picchu Charcoal Chicken & Grill [Somerville]
25 Union Square, Somerville

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