Liege waffles are a special kind of Belgian waffle made with dough rather than batter and spiked with chunks of raw sugar, which caramelize as the waffle cooks. They’ve been hard to find locally in the past, but there are now two vendors.

heckonwheels loves the Liege waffles at Shaky Alibi. “Tell the owner you want them just like you get them in Belgium, and not only will he give you one authentic Liege waffle, but he’ll be your friend for life!”

There’s also the Waffles de Liege truck that wanders around the greater Los Angeles area. “These are the real thing,” says bzuraw. “Pearls of sugar, nicely chewy and a bit caramelized.”

Shaky Alibi [Fairfax Village]
7401 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

Waffles de Liege [Mobile]
Mobile truck, no formal address; see Twitter feed for location
No phone available

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