how to make easy homemade veggie chips
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Chips are a classic accompaniment to sandwiches, whether you’re tossing a mini bag into a lunch box or bringing a family size sack along on a camping trip. But potato chips are pretty, well, basic. If you haven’t had a kale chip epiphany yet, it’s tough to describe the curious mix of gluttonous joy and health-food smugness one feels as one power-eats a sheet pan of hot, crackly greens—or any other crispy veggie chips.

It goes something like: “Sweet Lord, I can’t stop eating these” and “I’ll never jaw my way through a kale salad again!” and “I’m getting vitamins and fiber–WOOO!”

All because you realized that slicing veggies super-thin, slicking ’em with oil, seasoning, and roasting makes an unbelievably delicious vegetable 2.0, with all of the satisfying appeal of crunchy potato chips, minus the grease and gluten.

You can use a food dehydrator for the purpose:

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But all you really need is your oven and a baking sheet!

sesame kale chips recipe


Think of these recipes as your gateway to crisp-ifying almost any vegetable or fruit. Once you get the hang of it (and, really, it’s as easy as it gets), you’ll never look at turnips or rutabagas or apples the same way again. Also, while we just touted the fact that you don’t need any special gadgets for this, if your knife skills aren’t so sharp, a mandoline will really help:

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Easy Veggie Chip Recipes

Play around with whatever seasonings and spices you like.

Kale Chips

Homemade Kale Chips


Oh, kale. You’ve had your moment and the fooderati schadenfreude is peaking (read Dear Kale for the best farewell ever), but we will always and forever love you when you’re kissed with oil and crisped in an oven. No matter what the cool kids say. Get our classic Kale Chips recipe, or try our Toasted Sesame Kale Chips recipe.

Carrot Chips

Homemade Carrot Chips


For anyone who recoils at the baby food texture and watery sweetness of steamed carrots, the earthy, subtle sweet and crunch of carrot chips will make you love Bugs’ favorite snack all over again. Get our Carrot Chips recipe.

Taro Chips

homemade taro chips


You’ll want to take some before/after selfies with these chips. The funky woody potato exterior belies a purple-flecked flesh that makes these chips an ideal delivery platform for a punchy ceviche or a dip or spread that needs a pretty surface. Get our Taro Chips recipe.

Sweet Potato Chips

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips


If you make veggie chips often, think of this as a template recipe for any root veggie type of produce. The splash of vinegar is key. The acid prevents vegetables from turning mushy or soft while cooking, so you’re guaranteed a truly crispy chip. Get our Sweet Potato Chips recipe.

Sweet Potato Crisps with Smoked Paprika

Homemade Sweet Potato Crisps with Smoked Paprika (Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips)


If you love barbecue-flavored potato chips, these crisps deliver the goods–smoky, tangy, salty crunch–minus the nuclear flavoring agents. Get our Sweet Potato Crisps with Smoked Paprika recipe.

Beet Chips

Sweet, earthy beets make especially vibrant chips. Try a mix of red and gold for a pretty (and pretty healthy) snack. Get the Beet Chips recipe.

Zucchini Chips

Got a glut of garden zucchini, or other summer squash? They make fantastic chips (maybe even better if you sprinkle them with parmesan, or dill). Get the Zucchini Chips recipe.

Green Bean Chips

Super crunchy green bean chips are also ridiculously easy to make (no slicing necessary). Try tossing them in Cajun seasoning if you like a little kick. Get the Green Bean Chips recipe.

Baked Potato Chips

Healthy oven baked potato chips can be just as crisp as store-bought, but the key is slicing them really thin. Get the Baked Potato Chips recipe.

Garlic Chips

Homemade Garlic Chips


OK, so these depart from the oven-baked method, but they’re so good we can’t leave them out. Thin slivers of garlic are soaked in an unexpected splash of coconut milk before frying, and we’re not sure why, but the results are so outstanding, the recipe should probably come with a three cloves per “snack” limit. Because you (if “you” are…me) can eat all of these in one sitting, easy, and you will reek for days. Get our Garlic Chips recipe.

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