The Korean take on Chinese food is one of those niches that New York restaurants don’t fill so well, many Chowhounds complain. Lau, who’s tried most of the local contenders, says Sam Won Gahk in Flushing is the best he’s had in the city.

Korean-Chinese standards are on the mark: Gam poongi (spicy-sweet fried chicken) is crispy and delicious. Jja jang myun (noodles in black bean sauce) is very good, with flavorful sauce and better-than-average noodles, a big step up from the supermarket-spaghetti stuff peddled elsewhere. Jjamppong (seafood noodle soup) boasts tasty broth and notably fresh seafood; Lau recommends the spicier version.

Sam Won Gahk [Flushing]
144-20 Northern Boulevard (between Parsons Boulevard and 146th Street), Flushing, Queens

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