Earlier this year, it seemed like everyone was sharing tales of sighting Anthony Bourdain when he was in San Francisco shooting an episode of his show No Reservations. Well the episode has finally aired, with the famous globetrotting chef making a stop at That’s It, a Mission Street corner store doubling as a sandwich and taco joint.

The massive torta cubana may be the most eye-catching item at That’s It, “like something you might eat after closing down a bar,” says Robert Lauriston.

“I think the best things at That’s It are the tostadas and quesadillas, the tortillas for both of which the lady makes with masa that she kneads in a bowl, rolls out, and grills to order,” says vinchar, who also admits to enjoying the pork leg (or chicken) torta now and again—but not as much as the ones at Tortas Los Picudos.

Bourdain also checked out the maple bacon latte at Pirate Cat Radio Cafe, the Tamales Mi Lupita truck, the
Ferry Building Marketplace, and ye olde Tadich Grill.

And for anyone who missed the show, it’s being rerun August 17 at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the Travel Channel, Robert Lauriston says.

That’s It Market [Mission]
2699 Mission Street, San Francisco

Tortas Los Picudos [Mission]
2969 24th Street, San Francisco

Pirate Cat Radio Cafe [Mission]
2781 21st Street, San Francisco

Tamales Mi Lupitas [East Bay]
Parking lot at 3340 Foothill Boulevard, near 34th Avenue, Oakland

Ferry Building Marketplace [Embarcadero]
1 Ferry Building, San Francisco

Tadich Grill [Financial District]
240 California Street, San Francisco

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