Brazil Marin is a newish café with grocery-store roots where you can pick up home-style baked goods, exotic fruit shakes, and Saturday feijoada, says rworange.

Cheese breads, each the size of a baseball, emerge every morning piping hot from the oven and oozing cheese. They’re great with Brazilian-style coffee, served with a shot of steamed milk on the side. Throughout the day, baking trays of warm snacks like kibbe and shrimp empanadas sit invitingly by the register.

The shakes are made with frozen Brazilian fruits; passion fruit and mango sound positively dull next to açaí, acerola (a.k.a. Barbados cherry), and caju (cashew). Even a cacao shake isn’t what you might expect: It’s made with the fruit of the cacao plant, not the seed that’s used to make chocolate. The flavor is subtle, with just a hint of white chocolate, rworange says. There are also specialty blended drinks like the Corcovado, made with acerola, mango, orange, and carrot.

The Saturday spread (11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.) involves feijoada with all the fixings (toasted manioc flour, garlicky collard greens, rice) and some less identifiably Brazilian favorites like lasagne with cream sauce. You want the feijoada, though. “It was easy to get lost in the smoky, purple-black beans of the feijoada studded with coins of linguica, tender cubes of beef, and small ribs with the meat falling off the bone,” rworange says.

For the full Brazilian experience, pick up a bikini and sandals from the store.

Brazil Marin [Marin County]
1435 Fourth Street, Suite E, San Rafael

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