Aww. NicoleFriedman had her first date with her now-husband at what was then Piu Bello in Forest Hills, which is now the Greek restaurant Agora. Nicole has returned to the spot and loves Piu Bello’s replacement … although she didn’t want to!

She dined there with her mother-in-law. After the two figured out that the original table of romance had been replaced by a wall, they sat down to a meal of psarosoupa (a delicate fish broth with halibut), two salads, and two “HUGE” fruit platters with strawberries, raspberries, mango, grapes, watermelon, honeydew, and fresh whipped cream that had other tables “ogling our plates.”

dynastar also swung by Agora for a visit and was “impressed” by the octopus appetizer. His sole complaint was the wine selection, which he felt was subpar. The place seems to be picking up in popularity, since frequent visitor susannyny thinks it’s “wonderful” but can no longer get in very easily. She found a 30-minute wait for a two-top on Tuesday night at 7:45. She’s not bitter, though: “Just goes to show that this neighborhood will support quality restaurants. Good for Agora.”

Agora Taverna [Forest Hills]
70-09 Austin Street, Queens

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