Chilled soups are a light, refreshing option during warm weather. Lots of puréed vegetable soups are tasty cold; sparkareno makes broccoli soup and enjoys it heated or cooled.

Cucumber and avocado are popular flavors for chilled soups. ceekskat loves this creamy cold cucumber soup, and karykat’s favorite is cold avocado corn soup with cilantro oil. “You don’t really know the corn is there or that it’s been grilled,” karykat says, “but it adds an elusive something. Incredibly good.” “This was absolutely terrific,” concurs DGresh, noting, “This is an elegant and impressive company dish.”

KiltedCook enjoys Bobby Flay’s chilled white gazpacho as a starter, or even for dessert, while sparkareno likes this pear soup at room temperature.

Or, if you prefer to keep things simple, try CHOW’s easy gazpacho recipe.

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