The pizza is thin and crispy at Stella’s Pizza and hyde is jazzed about the low price: “It constantly annoys me that for a certain ‘brick oven cooked’ chain pizza you are charged almost $20 for about $2.50 worth of materials, and while I understand there is labor involved, we are not talking about ‘wild gathered mussels, flamed with absinthe, served on a house made cracker with a seaweed foam.’”

At Stella’s, an 18-inch with two toppings is less than $15 and “the slices are as big as your head,” says hyde. Try the meatball, urges yummieeee.

“Dang, that is one decent slice of crispy pizza,” says GretchenS. “Plus, very nice people—I said I wanted it hot enough to burn the roof of my mouth, and they heated it to volcanic, just the way I like it—with a certain amount of very good-natured ribbing.”

Meanwhile, the pizza at Scampo is rather a more upscale experience. The lobster pizza ($25) is the pick of the menu, “loaded with pieces of lobster and garlic herby tastes,” says onefineleo. The Elephant Ear Walking ($8), another pizza-like affair, is also a delight: “Looking like a tomato cheesy tunnel ready to be pulled apart and shared by all. A mood enhancer for sure,” says onefineleo.

Stella’s Pizza [Watertown]
605 Mount Auburn, Watertown

Scampo [West End]
215 Charles Street, Boston

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