rworange loves Organic Valley Pasture Butter, a seasonal offering made only in the summer. It’s great for spreading: “The knife just smoothly sinks into it,” says rworange. “It is more flavorful and creamy that most butters. I actually like it a lot better than many of the local artisan butters.” The pasture butter is the one with the green foil wrapping, says rworange. And it doesn’t really taste like the regular Organic Valley butter.

Also welcome on toast: LuLu Restaurant Blood Orange Marmalade. omotosando thinks it’s seriously good, and admires its short, sweet ingredient list: “Just blood orange, sugar, and lemon juice.” Toast isn’t required. “I put a dollop of the Blood Orange Marmalade into plain yogurt and it was enough to sweeten it and give the ‘wow’ factor while only adding a smidgen of extra calories,” says omotosando.

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LuLu Restaurant Blood Orange Marmalade By Mail - Exquisite

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