Mango chutney resembles ketchup in its sheer versatility—but not even ketchup goes with peanut butter. Chowhound free sample addict aka Tracy L loves mango chutney with peanut butter, as well as on hot wings. Hot mango chutney is particularly nice with baked Brie, says Tracy L. blackoak thinks mango chutney matches surprisingly well with store-bought egg rolls, and buttertart craves it on grilled cheese sandwiches made with sharp cheddar cheese.

Mango chutney is, of course, a staple of English cuisine. Harters requires a “hot or sweet mango chutney, turkey, and stuffing sandwich” on Boxing Day. Mango chutney is great “with coconut milk and a bit of curry paste over chicken,” says maplesugar. It’s even tasty on salad. “I make a warm dressing with chutney, sautéed shrooms, bacon, Dijon, olive oil, and vinegar,” says adamshoe. “Pour [it] over baby spinach and toss to wilt.”

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