Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"My brother is here from Portland and Wednesday's lengua at La Perla was the afternoon's destination. Lengua is off the menu and nothing could salvage our disappointment (except the handmade tortillas)." – Cynsa

"I like to order the pani puri, dahi papdi chaat or the dahi batata puri. The samosa chaat or the chole batura will get you the chole (chickpea curry) other posters have mentioned. Most first-time visitors are quite impressed with the chole batura (the puffy fried bread) which includes the chole." – …tm… on what to order at Vik's Chaat Corner in Berkeley

"Butter pie is pecan pie minus pecans with a denser filling, somewhere between the pecan pie goo and toffee. The filling is too sweet on its own, and the crust is (purposely?) overcooked so it is almost burnt on its own, but together the near-bitter crust and too-sweet filling balance perfectly." – david kaplan on Butter Love's butter pie

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