The jerk chicken at Yardie Jerk is organic, and slow-cooked over a wood fire. Nicely spiced but not searingly hot, the chicken is juicy and really holds the smoke flavor, says rworange. The fresh pineapple ginger punch and sorrel punch are excellent.

rccola was pleasantly surprised by the coconut cornbread, which is “moist and succulent,” and not overwhelmingly coconutty. Other sides are wood-roasted sweet potatoes and sweet plantains (both good), golden coconut rice, and rice and peas.

The restaurant is modern and clean, notes rworange, in a kind of fast-food-place way; there are some outdoor tables and a small parking lot.

Another jerk option is the Tuesday special at Anula’s Cafe in Oakland. Here the meat is incredibly moist and flavorful, says 10foot5, and served with great rice and beans. Lightly sautéed kale is good on the side, but the curried potatoes don’t taste like much. Open since January, Anula’s has a few seats at a window counter, but is mostly a takeout joint.

Yardie Jerk [East Bay]
3301 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland

Anula’s Cafe [East Bay]
1319 Franklin Street, Oakland

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Anula’s Cafe

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