“I wish I didn’t know how to make chocolate mousse,” says harryharry. “It’s too easy and it’s too tempting – I can’t even bring myself to throw out the leftovers!!!” For InSearchOfTacos, it’s baking that’s a regrettable skill. “It’s a great skill and I’m happy that I know how to do it, but whenever I bake anything I end up eating most of it. So I try not to bake very often. I even went through a period of making savory ‘healthy’ pies with vegetables- mostly variations on vegetable pot pies. I love making sweet pies and I have a HUGE sweet tooth so I figured I’d try it this way. If I can cut out the sugar I’ll be happy…that didn’t work too well. Soon I was baking off pieces of excess pie crust and dipping it in jam/honey/chocolate.”

“The first thing that sprang into my head was the lowly and ridiculously easy cream cheese brownie,” says onceadaylily. “I can have a craving and then a completed product in the space of an hour and a half.” For cleobeach, it’s risotto. “I always make a big batch with the intention of having all these leftover meals but I end up stuffing myself stupid, I simply cannot stop eating it.”

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