jen223 has recently realized that she has a favorite texture: creamy. “I love almost anything that’s creamy,” she says, from mashed potatoes to Guinness to buttery Chardonnay to coconut milk. soytoy has the opposite reaction to creamy foods: “A large serving of something creamy would make me sick of said item rather quickly.”

ipsedixit loves the combination of crunchy and creamy: ice cream topped with granola, or tapioca pudding with toasted walnuts. goodhealthgourmet hates this texture combination. “I can handle syrups/swirls and shaved chocolate, but hard chunks in frozen desserts KILL me,” says goodhealthgourmet.

“I’m in the creamy, dare I say ‘mushy’?, camp,” says jbsiegel. “Love ice cream slightly soft, cereal really soggy, puddings, etc. (I guess one exception is eggs – cook those babies well done!!) For breads and baked goods, it’s about dense and thick, not light / airy / crunchy. (I’ll even admit to smashing baked goods into semi-solid lumps!)”

“I was on a low carb diet for a very long time and came to really miss crunchy foods,” says JungMann. “I am far less restrictive now, but I still take great pleasure in shattering potato chips or the riot of textures in a spring roll. Although it’s not necessarily my ‘favorite’ texture, I do like mucilaginous foods quite a bit. Bird’s nest soup was always a favorite food when we were younger, so I’ve come to appreciate these thick and slippery foods.”

Discuss: Favorite “texture” – do you have one?

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