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"In general, the two categories of restaurants that are worth it, money wise, are the ethnic restaurants where I'm not familiar with the cuisine, and very high end restaurants where we pay not only for the food but for the setting and service (and the food will also be terrific itself, very high end restaurant cooking is something not easily done at home). But as for all the midrange, $20-$30 an entree type places, I only go there to have a good evening with family and friends." - Roland Parker

"As others have said, properly made squid and octopus are not rubbery. While the flavors are subtle, they are there. Add some squid rings to your pasta sauce at the last minute and tell me they don't impart any flavor. Octopus is trickier." - AdamD

"Not all T-gase products are derived from animal plasma - some are produced through bacterial fermentation, including the powders available for retail sale. And for what it's worth, they're enzymes, not chemicals. Mind you, I'm *certainly* not telling you to run out & eat anything you can find that contains them! But they're more commonly used than you might think...imitation crab/surimi, fish balls, gluten-free bread products, ham products...if you see 'enzymes' listed on an ingredients label without specifying *which* enzymes, there's a good chance T-gases are in there." - goodhealthgourmet on "meat glue"

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