New York magazine’s lush, gorgeous photo feature “What the Butcher Knows” depicts meatscapes so scenic that they can proudly stand up to National Geographic and say, “Ha! Check me out!”

What the butcher knows, apparently, is how to create visually stunning cuts of meat that dazzle the eyes as much as they (presumably) please the palate. The feature moves from the fine marbling of Wagyu beef to the carnal horror of slaughtered baby lambs, each shot capturing a distinct aspect of red meat. Photographer Hans Gissinger changes up his approach—the lighting, the framing, the depth (or lack) of color—for every shot, which gives the slide show a stirring feeling of forward motion.

Taking vivid photos of food requires a knack for both restraint and luscious indulgence. Gissinger exhibits both, in spades.

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