Robata Jinya’s sister ramen joint is pretty well-known among Chowhounds, but the West Hollywood nonramen Robata Jinya doesn’t get much play. It’s plenty good, though, says Mr Taster.

The happy hour is very well-priced. It’s worth going to happy hour alone for the cha su—$2 for a generous slab of “meltingly soft pork,” says Mr Taster. Five dollars will get you spicy tuna on a ball of fried onigiri, which is really nice texturally: The onigiri is deep-fried to a beautiful crunchy golden brown, and topped with a dollop of spicy tuna.

On the regular menu, there’s freshly made tofu. It’s mesmerizing: You get to see liquid tofu congeal before your eyes. Try this if you like silken tofu pudding. And there are spectacular shrimp sandwiches: a tower of little finger sandwiches, stuffed with shrimp and fried, with a mayonnaise dip. “Crispy, soft, chewy, shrimpy loveliness,” says Mr Taster.

Sums up Mr Taster: “I’m a bit stunned by the quality to affordability ratio of this place, considering the location. In other restaurants these prices would be 2-3 times the price. This absolutely will become a part of my regular rotation.”

Robata Jinya [West Hollywood]
8050 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

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